Where is the place of MY REST?


As I have returned to Peoria and been adjusting to a new schedule and back to my home ministry, the Lord keeps drawing me back to the same thing…HE WANTS A RESTING PLACE – individually and corporately.

As American’s we are busy busy busy. Always running to and fro. As I have been raising my team of supporters this summer, I have found myself making phone calls, setting up meetings, and sitting down with many wonderful friends and sharing the vision God has put on my heart for this generation. But as I stay busy, I keep hearing the still small voice of the Lord – “I want you as my resting place.” (Is. 66:1-2)

God is looking for corporate places and individual people in which He can establish His kingdom and love. He is more concerned about our hearts being fully knit to His in communion than He is about the works we can do for Him. In all of the chaos and busy pace of life, He is looking for those who will spend time and sit at His feet (Luke 10:38-42). Jesus at His first coming came to establish His kingdom in the hearts of men, and at His second coming will establish His kingdom in a literally physical reality in all the nations of the earth. He wants to share Himself and all His character fully with man.

Ministry Update:

  • I have had the privilege of meeting every other Wednesday this summer with a group of Illinois Central College (ICC) students in the place of prayer, worship, and the Word. It has been a wonderful time of fellowship with the Lord together. We have been strategizing for the next semester and asking God what His plan is for the campus! We will be having a prayer room on the campus each Monday from 12-3 and will be asking for a release of the knowledge of God on the campus.
  • The upcoming school semester begins in 3 weeks! Pray for a breakthrough of God’s Spirit this year on the campus and for many young adults to come to know the love of Jesus!
  • Every other Friday and Monday I am leading and playing with a worship team at Hilltop Campus Church and our Monday Night prayer meeting! It has been an awesome opportunity and God has been meeting us with His presence!
  • We had a Chi Alpha student planning meeting July 22-23! It was a ton of fun being together and the Lord gave us some great ideas for the upcoming year.

Love you guys. Have an awesome week!



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