The One Who Does Immeasurably More…


…than we can ever ask or imagine! The first few weeks of the school semester have started off great. God is doing so much on the campuses in Peoria and is changing lives. As I previously shared, I have been working primarily out at Illinois Central College in East Peoria. We have been having 2 meetings each week out on campus: a weekly 3-hour prayer room with worship and prayer mixed together each Monday from noon-3pm, and a Bible study from 12-12:50 and 1-1:50.  During the first few weeks of the Bible study, I have felt the Lord highlight the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5-7) as a teaching point. We as a group have been studying this passage from the perspective of God the Father and His heart and plans for us through the standards laid out in these chapters. It starts out in verses 3-12 with “blessed are the…blessed are the…blessed are the…” This passage known as the beatitudes gives 9 ways to be blessed in this life. Wow! The very way that Jesus introduces the most intense and highest standard of holiness and godliness, He starts with expressing His heart behind the teaching – He wants us to be blessed! He wants us to be happy! In fact, the word beatitude in Latin literally means “blessedness: a state of supreme happiness.” What a kind God to serve – He has our best interest in mind!

We have had between 25-30 students coming each week to the meetings! Praise God for the lives He will touch this year. Be praying for the seed of the Word sown in hearts to find good soil and to bear 100-fold fruit that brings glory to the Father.

Last Wednesday evening we had a big student outreach held on Bradley’s campus. Special guest speaker Dale Crall, Chi Alpha campus pastor and international church pastor in Carbondale, IL., came and spoke on “Shining Light on Blacks in the Bible.” It was an awesome night of insight and revelation. Many hearts got touched and there were those who committed their lives to Jesus as Savior!

Keep praying and asking God for His increase. Key requests in this time:

  • I am starting a discipleship group this Friday with Dave, Chase and Greg. Prayer for the truth of God’s Word to set our hearts free.
  • Greater momentum on ICC’s campus and a boldness on Christian students to minister the love and Gospel of Jesus
  • Wisdom on how to minister to each students’ needs – that the Lord would show the keys to hearts
  • CELLebration meeting Wed, Sept. 29 with all the Peoria Area Chi Alpha students – focused on exalting and praising Jesus for His goodness
  • Pray for God to raise up a dorm Bible Study on ICCs campus.

One Response to “The One Who Does Immeasurably More…”

  1. 1 sandy ackerman

    it is so encouraging to see all the Lord is doing!

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