I am officially moved back to Peoria, IL. Wow, what an amazing last year. God has done so much in my life! Eph. 3:20 “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”

So what’s next???

In the Fall I will be moving into full-time college ministry with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship as a campus missionary associate reaching students for Jesus in the Peoria Area. I am very excited to partner with the Lord to see His kingdom released on the campus. There are many souls that need the fiery love of God to touch their hearts, and Jesus is worthy that every young adult in Peoria would worship Him!

I will be updating and changing my blog to get you all caught up to speed. I am shooting to accomplish this over the next few days…may turn in to weeks. I tend to get behind on this thing :).

This summer I am raising up a team of partners that will lock arms with me both in prayer and financially for this next season of college ministry. Check out the partners page if you are interested in joining my team. God bless you!



Spring is here. New life is appearing all around, and God is releasing refreshing for His children! The trees are showing leaves, the grass is growing tall and green, and flowers are appearing. What a beautiful world. God is not only the creator of the nature we see all around, but He has fashioned our hearts individually.

In these past few weeks, the Lord has deepened in my heart the revelation of His personal desire for each one of us. He has created us in such a way that we each have a unique ability and capacity to love Him. The first commandment in the Word, which Jesus stated afresh in His ministry, is that we would love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. All He has ever wanted is our unhindered love. Therefore, He will do whatever necessary to have all of us – to bring about His new life in us.

In the IHOPU Student Awakening meetings here at the house of prayer, God has released His power and goodness in so many ways – physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healings. The Lord has released a wave of His presence, releasing abundant joy in so many. But what is all of this for? Why is Jesus releasing His Spirit in such great measures in our day? Eph. 5:27 “…that He might present her (the Bride of Christ) to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish.” God is after a people that love Him with wholeheartedness. In order to perfect us in love, He is revealing His perfect love for us. What a wonderful God.

"Discover the Nations" - receiving prayer from Reuven Ross

While at the 2nd annual “Discover the Nations Conference” in Carbondale, IL. in the beginning of March, the Lord struck my heart once again with this call to total surrender and wholeheartedness to His purposes. This weekend marked my life with a greater longing to hear God’s voice in His word, and by grace say yes to 100-fold obedience. We will only find ourselves if we find ourselves in Him.

The One Thing Internship is going so well. The 7 interns in my house are getting radically transformed by the truth of God’s word and His character revealed to their hearts. One of my guys, Charley, was telling me this morning, “I used to think it was so complicated. I thought as a Christian I had to do more and more for God, and I am realizing that He just wants me to know Him. That is it! It is that simple. That I would know Christ!” Wow, what a breakthrough from religious striving in to a freedom of unhindered love for Jesus!


  • Pursuing the One who pursues me. I spend 24+ hours each week in the prayer room in the 2 following areas:
  1. IHOPU Student Awakening meetings 3 nights per week (12 hours). God is releasing His power. Check out some of the amazing testimonies here
  2. Seeking the face of God and crying out for justice on the earth in the Global Prayer Room 12+ hours per week
  • House leading in the D2 for 7 godly and rowdy young men! We have so much fun together.
  • Tuesday morning house devotions with these 7 men of God!
  • Sunday night discipleship with Micah and Jesse
  • Playing the drums for a Saturday night worship set from 10-12.
  • Electric guitar lessons from Mr. Isaac Meyer. Fabulous opportunity.
  • Co-leading an internship small group on Saturday afternoons.
  • Assistant small group leading for Pure Heart – an 8 week course dedicated to helping people experience God, His love, and others without hindrance (pureheartseminars.com).
  • Road trip to Carbondale, IL with 4 Ihoppers for the 2nd annual “Discover the Nations Conference”. I got blasted by the Word of God and His highest standard for our lives! Thank you Pastor Dale and ministry for opening your arms up wide for us.
  • Road trip to Peoria, IL for Easter and Mom/Jeff’s brithday! I had a wonderful time with the family and some good home cookin’! Thanks mom 🙂
  • Working part-time with the IHOP-KC Marketing Department as a Web Projects Manager.
  • Loving Jesus.

Thanks for following, praying and supporting. God bless.

Its 2010. A new year. A new decade. A new season for God to release His presence! In this new year, God has continued to release an unusual and powerful wave of the Holy Spirit here in Kansas City unto the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of His Bride – the Church. The Spring One Thing Internship (OTI) has started and the 60 new interns are now getting into a groove. The Lord’s heart over this group of interns is Redemption. So many have come from all kinds of backgrounds, good and bad, but God is desiring to “make all things new” (Rev. 21:5).

Having the opportunity to be a house leader for OTI is such a blessing. I have 7 guys from across the country living under my leadership in the duplex – D2. There have been many amazing testimonies but I want to pass one in particular on to you. Paul Kim, a 20-year-old from New Jersey, came to internship over a week late with his best friend Anthony, and was assigned to stay in my house. Paul grew up in a Christian home and was part of a solid church of Korean believers, but had fallen deep into alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Watch this clip of his testimony to hear what God has done in such a brief time! Praise the Lord!!


Every Tuesday morning we meet together for house devos. I have charged my guys with the call to live before the eyes of the Lord, and prepare for the day when we will stand before Him, by actually living faithful in the small things now (I Cor. 3:11-15). The mutual respect and unity in the house has been awesome. 8 total strangers running after 1 common end – the knowledge of God.

For the next few weeks in our morning times together, we will be listening to the prophetic history teachings from the 10-year anniversary celebration in Sept. of 2009. This series focuses on the history of IHOP-KC and how God has divinely orchestrated a worldwide end time prayer movement that will prepare the church for Jesus’ coming and usher in His return to earth with a great revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Rev. 22:17).

With 8 of us guys living in one house, we also have a ton of fun together!

Johnny Mike and David - the Stash Brothers

After prayer room hours are finished at 12:00a.m. each night, the guys will come home and cook pizza and eat plenty of Ramen noodles before lights out at 1:00a.m. Only healthy food before bed of course. This picture was taken on our free night. We decided to fix up our facial hair for the occasion. It was so funny!

Please continue to pray for God to encounter our hearts with the reality of His love and also a fresh grace to lay hold of all He has for this season. God wants to raise up a group of young adults who are fully abandoned to His purposes. A group of revivalists to arise once again in America for a Third Great Awakening to break out!

God bless and let the fire of His love burn on your heart!